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Renisha Gray


Renisha Gray is a seasoned professional with extensive experience in economic development and business planning and youth development. She has been working in urban communities for many years where she has assisted thousands in self-sufficiency. Renisha's diverse background in marketing, communications, youth development, home care, economic development, and customized training programs allows her to bring a customized approach to creating generational wealth for communities in the African Diaspora. Renisha holds a degree in Business Management and Global Studies and is a licensed Life Insurance Agent. She is also certified in several areas, including Psychology First Aid Responder, Global Career Development Facilitator, Home Based Community Services, PCA/PCPO Services, Medical Billing, Youth Professional Development, ACES, and Cultural Trauma, and also is Notary Public.

In addition to founding Sisters of Synergy and owning a Health Care Agency, Renisha currently sits on the advisory board for SRLA daycare and The Nelson Medela Charter School. She enjoys participating and volunteering in community events. She has served on Charter School Boards in many roles and participated in various community organizations across Twin Cities in leadership roles.

Renisha is a natural-born leader and a Leo by heart. Her vision is to create generational wealth for future generations, and she is committed to leading the way for those wandering around in the wilderness of America.

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