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Eligibility Criteria

  • Women Business Owners that support Sisters of Synergy Mission:
    “Promoting Self Sufficiency while Creating Economic Development in Communities.

  • Women Business Owners that believe in Sisters of Synergy Values: 
    “We are uniquely made with a purpose to help create generational wealth and stability now and for communities to come.” 

  • Women Business Owners who believe in creating Generational Wealth through a Cooperative Model. 

  • Women Business Owners willing to work with other like-minded women.

  • Women Business Owners with the willingness to support other women business owners. 

  • Women Business Owners that are willing to give back to the community. 

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Package Includes:

01. 10 hours per year of Customized Business Consulting Services

02. Virtual Interview

03. Travel Discounts 

      ❖ Flights

      ❖ Hotels

      ❖ Car Rentals

04. Custom Member T-Shirt

05. Member to Member Discount 

      ❖ 10% off a fellow member’s business/services

06. Access to Community Resources

07. BOB Program 

08. Pre-paid Legal Services

09. Accountant Services

10. Office Space Access w/ Resources

      ❖ Computers, printers, etc. 

11. Credit Repair

12. Membership ID Cards

13. Lunch & Learn Workshops

      ❖ 3 to choose from which are included, $75 each after the main 3 

      ❖ Workshops include: 

            ◆ How to Start a Business 101

                  ◇ Business Credit

                  ◇ Marketing

                  ◇ Business Goal Setting

                  ◇ Website Set Up 

            ◆ Marketing Kit with Social Media Outlets

            ◆ Human Resources

            ◆ Workforce Development

            ◆ Insurance

                  ◇ Business

                  ◇ Rental 

            ◆ Health and Wellness

            ◆ Working Mothers

            ◆ And more to come… 

Membership Package

Membership Fee:

$3000 annual fee paid in full


$250 monthly payments for 12 months

  • Membership

    Valid for one year


  • Membership

    Every month
    Valid for 12 months

Please note the following: 

Sisters of Synergy is a growing organization. We will be adding more to the membership package as well as having wonderful opportunities to offer in the upcoming year. 

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