Sisters of Synergy Package 


  • Membership fee is $1000 Annual Fee pay in full or 30% down and pay over 12 months.

  • 10 hours per year of Customized Business Consulting Service

  • Virtual Interview

  • Travel Discounts 

  • Roadside Assistance Available for Discounted Rate

  • Custom Membership T-shirt

  • Member to Member Discount 10% Off

  • Access to Community Resources

  • Marketing Kit with Social Media Outlets

  • Yearly Registration on Black Paper Bags

  • Members get 3 Free Lunch and Learns 

  • Financial Education

  • Website Set Up

  • Leadership Coaching

  • Business Plan Assitance

  • Workspace


Synergy Membership

  • Anyone is welcome to join, and by the same token Members are welcome to cancel their membership at any time. We are always sad to see Members go, but value that situations change and understand as such. No Fees already paid will be refunded. Refunds are only made within 7 business days of signing up for a Membership. You will receive a check in the mail for the full amount that you have paid, minus a $15 processing fee. To request a refund or cancel your membership please send an email to By submitting the email , you are formally requesting a refund of your membership and are giving up membership in the Co-op. Repayments are generally made within 30 days of requestThanks in advance for your understanding!