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Sisters of Synergy was founded  in 2015 by Renisha Gray as she was studying Business Management. Sitting at the table one evening and thinking it has to be a way for likeminded individuals to come together to create wealth for the generations to come. I began drafting a  blueprint for an organization that is one of a kind and uniquely designed to ensure that the uniqueness of those served is honored and noticed. 

I was excited to get the organization off the ground and the following year faced some challenging times in which I went hermit for some years in this life  journey. However I’ve always had a team of strong minded women that would not allow my visions to be swept away. One of those women Lashonda Anderson came over in 2019 pulled out the blueprint and said, “Let's do this, the time is now.”  Lashonda, the energizer bunny that I needed to help awaken me out of the Trauma Coma, worked with me diligently to get Sisters of Synergy to the next level of my vision. Lashonda provided the Sisters Strength that I needed and helped to straighten my crooked Crown.


Now Sisters of Synergy is a Non-Profit, Business to Member Cooperative and Consulting Firm. 


Sisters of Synergy Mission:

“Promote Self Sufficiency while creating economic development in the community.”

Our Values

“We are uniquely made with a purpose to help create generational wealth and stability now and for communities to come.” 


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